Sunday, 22 April 2012

Week 5 - Storytelling

For the last of our five weeks, our theme was storytelling.

We used music (including theme music from Superhero movies) and movement to connect to our theme -  "mystery".

The kids drew whatever came up for them, then shared their stories. You can see their pictures and stories below.

Well done everyone! Fantastic stories, each one different, each one unique Love them all.

Keep drawing, keep writing, keep imagining.

Our theme - MYSTERY. Rowan's story "A robber in the Queen's Palace"

Once, there was a Queen's palace. One night, a robber broke in to steal her jewellery. It was in the safe, where she always kept it at night.

The robber was looking for the safe, feeling his way in the dark. As he felt his way, he accidently opened a secret panel in the spinning wall.

He spun through the spinning wall, and  fell onto a bench. On the back of the bench were written the words " I am the devil".

Outside, waiting, there was a car. It was the robber's car. The car was on the road. Along came a mystery guy. He didn't know the car was the robber's car.

The mystery guy had red eyes and a black hat. The mystery guy heard a noise in the palace. He went in to investigate.  He came downstairs and FELL through the secret panel. Now there was two of them there. The robber and the mystery guy with red eyes and a black hat.

In the sky above the palace, there was a big rock, falling down from the moon.
There was a meteor shower. The robber and the mystery guy could hear the noise, but they couldn't see what it was. They were very, very scared.

The jewellery stayed safely in the safe.

The robber and the mystery man, with his red eyes, stayed, scared, in the secret place behind the spinning wall.

The End.

Our theme MYSTERY! Daniel's Story - The Devil Child

Once, there was a man called Bob. He bought a new house. He bought an Opera House. He didn't know that in the opera house, there lived a boy. The boy lived there, in the opera house, in secret. He had a badly scarred face, and when he was little, everyone called him "The Devil Child".

His parents didn't even name him. They just gave him away to a circus. He was treated badly, and people paid the circus owner money to come and see him. One day, in a rage, he killed the circus owner, and escaped to live in secret at the opera house.

Friends brought him food in secret. He lived there a long time. One day, he sent a letter to the owner of the opera, Bob, asking for €50,000, or the owner would die. The owner didn't give him the money, so he killed him. He snuck behind him, pushed him over, and stabbed a knife into his lungs. The owner died.

A detective came to investigate. He set a trap to catch the boy. A fire started, and The Devil Child set lots of booby traps and killed everyone. The scenery fell in a blazing pile to the stage. Everyone thought the boy was dead.

The detective's son wasn't convinced. He came and found out that the boy was still alive. He called him The Phantom of The Opera.

Nobody ever caught him.

Our theme - MYSTERY. Andrew's story - Donkeykong battle

Once upon a time there was an army base. At the army base there were thousands of donkeykong robots.

They were digging underground and sucking up the ground. And they were attacking the enemy. The British.

The British got up on a cliff so that their base was up high. The donkeykong robots were Irish. The British did not want them to suck up the land.

The British threw down a grenade. The donkeykongs threw up a bomb. The bomb blew up a bridge.

The British soldier who was shouting "the war begins!" fell off the cliff, into the mud. He got sucked up by the donkeykong robots and the Irish lived happily ever after.

The End.

Our theme - MYSTERY. Ciara's story - "The Maze"


There is a maze of many colours. You can get lost if you go the wrong way.  There are lots of dead ends.

But, if you persevere, if you keep going, you can get to the centre of the maze. You go past "a" and "c" and "m" and "d" and "r". Past Andrew and Ciara and Micaiah and Daniel and Rowan.

And there, at the centre, you'll find a pond. It’s more like a lake than a pond.

It's beautiful.

The End

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Painting the clay

Here's one of the completed clay pieces - Micaiah's wonderful elephant with baby

Micaiah's fantasy

(Micaiah age 13)

Very detailed and striking drawing by Micaiah. I love the blue mist coming from the doors of the hut, and the yellow bolts of lightening against the black sky!

Andrew's "fight" picture

(Andrew age 7)

I love the way Andrew hatched his background and the strong shading, emphasising the drama of the two fighting figures

Daniel's drawing

(Daniel age 9)

Daniel did a very detailed drawing telling an entire scary story!

Week 4 - being scared

(Rowan age 7)

This week we were working on the theme of "being scared". Using our stories, we remembered scary times, and then listened to some scary music.

Some lovely results!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Clay pieces from the other side

Wonderful clay pieces

We'll be painting these next week!

Pachelbel - Canon in D Major (Original Version)

Our second music

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All our work!!

Daniel's picture

Lovely swirling movement with explosions of red. Beautiful pattern. Nice spiky feel around the edges!

Ciara's picture

I love the strong blue background,
And the powerful red curtains.
The figure in the purple dress is ver strong. And the audience is terrific!

Lucy's picture

Beautiful girls, dancing,
In a dark alley. Blackness
Surrounding them. So pretty!
Lovely image!

Andrew's picture

On stage. Shadow figures behind.
Purple curtains. Billowing..
Strong presence.

Michaiah's picture

Pegasus in brilliant colour.
Wonderful blue sky.
Rising from the grey.
Small mouse clinging on.

Rowan's picture

Bird's eye piano view.
Lovely colour filling the page.

Mozart- Piano Sonata in A major ('Alla Turca') K. 331- 3rd mov. Alla Turca, Allegretto

WEEK 3!!

Our first piece of music!

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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Pavarotti - Nessun Dorma [Sub. Español]

Here's the music we listened to in week 2!

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Week 2

Some really interesting work here, clubbers! Loads of fantastic stories of opera singers and Cinderella.

Rowan's vase is very strong, and sitting on a table, or is it a piano on a stage?

Lucy's Cinderella has a white dove, and a GORGEOUS dress.

Andrew's opera singer is powerful, and has a big audience.

Ciara's opera singer has backing singers and the orange background is very strong.

Lovely work. Lovely use of the oil pastels and soft pastels! Well done all.

Ciara's T shirt


Rowan's T shirt

Darkness and light combined! Fabulous!

Andrew's T shirt

Loads of deep colour here!

Lucy's T shirt

What a gorgeous T shirt!

Friday, 2 March 2012

Our second sketches

This was our second set of sketches, in response to the music "like a dog chasing cars" from the Dark Knight ( batman) movie.

Lucy's picture ( top left) had a great story attached about being chased through the trees.

Ciara's beautiful house ( top right) has a fairy tale feel to it, with the wonderful bright yellow stars above and steep roofed house.

Andrew's story ( bottom left) was very bloody with lots of fear and menace.

Rowan's ship ( bottom right) is very powerful, with yellow light streaming through it from the sun. Very mythical.

Lovely sketches, guys and girls!

The Dark Knight OST 8 Like A Dog Chasing Cars

This was our second piece of music!

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Mission Impossible Theme(full theme)

This was our first music!

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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Starting out

The Creativity Club met in Moneystown community hall for the first time on wednesday 29th February.

We had a great first session, with some wonderful creative energy filling the hall. These were our very first sketches, using oil pastels and sift pastels. Our inspiration was the Mission Impossible soundtrack.

In Lucy's sketch (top left) we have a wonderful sense of following her own steps around the hall as she listened to the music, combined with the word "careful" - what you have to be when you are a spy.

Andrew (top right) took us through a very imaginative and detailed story involving men, guns and electricity.

Ciara's sketch ( bottom left) has such strong, vibrant colours. Everyone loved her yellow stars, the face with the heart shaped mouth, and the pattern of blue red and green lines on both sides of the picture.

Rowan (bottom right) produced a beautiful sketch, filling his paper with sweeping dark colours. The sense of movement in this is great.

Well done clubbers! Great sketches!