Thursday, 1 March 2012

Starting out

The Creativity Club met in Moneystown community hall for the first time on wednesday 29th February.

We had a great first session, with some wonderful creative energy filling the hall. These were our very first sketches, using oil pastels and sift pastels. Our inspiration was the Mission Impossible soundtrack.

In Lucy's sketch (top left) we have a wonderful sense of following her own steps around the hall as she listened to the music, combined with the word "careful" - what you have to be when you are a spy.

Andrew (top right) took us through a very imaginative and detailed story involving men, guns and electricity.

Ciara's sketch ( bottom left) has such strong, vibrant colours. Everyone loved her yellow stars, the face with the heart shaped mouth, and the pattern of blue red and green lines on both sides of the picture.

Rowan (bottom right) produced a beautiful sketch, filling his paper with sweeping dark colours. The sense of movement in this is great.

Well done clubbers! Great sketches!

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