Sunday, 22 April 2012

Our theme - MYSTERY. Rowan's story "A robber in the Queen's Palace"

Once, there was a Queen's palace. One night, a robber broke in to steal her jewellery. It was in the safe, where she always kept it at night.

The robber was looking for the safe, feeling his way in the dark. As he felt his way, he accidently opened a secret panel in the spinning wall.

He spun through the spinning wall, and  fell onto a bench. On the back of the bench were written the words " I am the devil".

Outside, waiting, there was a car. It was the robber's car. The car was on the road. Along came a mystery guy. He didn't know the car was the robber's car.

The mystery guy had red eyes and a black hat. The mystery guy heard a noise in the palace. He went in to investigate.  He came downstairs and FELL through the secret panel. Now there was two of them there. The robber and the mystery guy with red eyes and a black hat.

In the sky above the palace, there was a big rock, falling down from the moon.
There was a meteor shower. The robber and the mystery guy could hear the noise, but they couldn't see what it was. They were very, very scared.

The jewellery stayed safely in the safe.

The robber and the mystery man, with his red eyes, stayed, scared, in the secret place behind the spinning wall.

The End.

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