Sunday, 22 April 2012

Our theme MYSTERY! Daniel's Story - The Devil Child

Once, there was a man called Bob. He bought a new house. He bought an Opera House. He didn't know that in the opera house, there lived a boy. The boy lived there, in the opera house, in secret. He had a badly scarred face, and when he was little, everyone called him "The Devil Child".

His parents didn't even name him. They just gave him away to a circus. He was treated badly, and people paid the circus owner money to come and see him. One day, in a rage, he killed the circus owner, and escaped to live in secret at the opera house.

Friends brought him food in secret. He lived there a long time. One day, he sent a letter to the owner of the opera, Bob, asking for €50,000, or the owner would die. The owner didn't give him the money, so he killed him. He snuck behind him, pushed him over, and stabbed a knife into his lungs. The owner died.

A detective came to investigate. He set a trap to catch the boy. A fire started, and The Devil Child set lots of booby traps and killed everyone. The scenery fell in a blazing pile to the stage. Everyone thought the boy was dead.

The detective's son wasn't convinced. He came and found out that the boy was still alive. He called him The Phantom of The Opera.

Nobody ever caught him.

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